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Other Comics!

If you HAVE to leave our lovely site, here are some other webcomic links that you should try...
Okashina Okashi- Strange Candy
This comic parodies almost all genres of anime. It's great fun. It has a Beauty Man Garden Restaurant staffed by bishounen!! *glomps any bishounen in sight* What more could a gal want?
- Nezumi
Talk about regression! This guy [Brain Clevinger] uses 8-bit sprites in the most humorous way possible. Contains slightly twisted humor, but a must for anyone who did any 8-bit gaming and/or enjoys a good RPG (pen-and-paper or electronic). - Nezumi
The epitome of all webcomics it has Piro's unique anime-esque art style, shoujo manga references and L33+5p34|< (leetspeak), in moderation of course. Besides they let Dom do rants, what could be more fun than that he always has a biting word or two or three. - Nezumi
This guy has a fantastic art style, very anime. Unfortunately the comic is on hiatus. However, he still posts his fun rants, links, and artwork. His comic is still archived, so you can read that for some Kungfool humor.
- Nezumi
Visit! Ponju! - Piggy hunter. The title says it all.
I love PA, it was one of the first online comics I ever read. Fantastic gaming humor with the occasional disturbing dark side (ok, so it's more than occasional why do you think I read it?!) I love Tycho's cynical and sarcastic newsposts, as well as Gabe's artwork. If you're any kind of gamer and haven't been there, go now! Before you are labeled a heathen! Hurry! Why are you still reading this?! *makes shooing motions* - Nezumi
Sooo pretty. *Drools* The artwork for this comic is incredible, as is the layout. It has a very Cyberpunky feel to it that I love as well (just so you know, I'm a sucker for the Dark Future genre).
- Nezumi
Innovative, that's what I call it. This has the feel of an RPG console game (namely the flavor of a Final Fantasy game.) It twists the genre to make it incredibly funny and he even throws some other anime references into the plot. How can you not love it!? - Nezumi
Your Wings Are Mine - One of Kuma's fave comics. Well, what more could you ask for? Bishounen, romance, and chibi bishounen. Sooo cute! Aoi has a unique art style, which means a beautiful gallery full of hot guys;)
Boy Meets Boy - Warning: this webcomic contains yaoi (male/male relationships) so if you're not down with that don't read it. I personally find this comic soooo entertaining. The characters are fantastic. I mean, the daughter of Satan is the main characters' landlady! Skids is my fave, he's just so cute. *glomps Skids even though he's trying to run*
- Nezumi
Colisto - Link exhchange! Kimberly S. reads our comic, she's cool, so go! The artwork is also incentive (Chaos is cuuute!) ^_^
Psychics in Love- Link exhchange! This is another nifty comic! Yay! Nifty Comics!

Cool Art Sites!

(Jp)=japanese only!

NETHERSPHERE Stephanie's style tends towards Disney, but what is the bunny doing with a sword? Her color works are amazing and she has a how-to section that gives tips for creating her *special* cg effects. Bestiality anyone? -Kuma
MISSING SHOT (Jp)Mmmm...pretty boys. Check out the CG gallery, it's full of them! -Kuma
COLONY ONE (Jp)Home to a professional Japanese illustrator. He likes to draw straps and buckles and stitches--very cool. The eyes of his characters are so intense. Fantastic fantasy gallery. -Kuma
Julie Dillon Some of her artwork appeared in BESM. She has a beautiful site layout, and a great CG gallery. -Kuma
WANDBILT (Jp)So beautiful...and yet slightly twisted. This artist likes to do a lot of layering in his works. Works mainly with neutral colors and little girls. -Kuma
Jo's Playground Kuma loves Jo. They share one dream...bishounen. Jo is a professional comic artist and illustrator. Her gallery includes a menagerie of beautiful men. What are you waiting for?
Tatoom City! Another Korean artist with a cool art gallery website. It's got a neat site design, background music, galleries of artwork, and even some illustrated studies of how Yi Lee colored in some of the pieces of work.

What are you still doing here? Check these out! ;P - Nezumi

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