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This is the story of a boy on a quest for the ultimate treasure, the girl who is destined to watch over him, and a cute... thing. Oh yeah, did we mention she thinks he's an idiot?

Sunday , January 15 , 2006

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Nezumi: Sorry about the lack of ACTUAL Fool's Gold stuff. Today isn't any different. I had this idea cruising around in my head for awhile and had to let it out before it made me crazy. Sometimes my muse is very persistent, and even aggressive. :) So, while I do miss doing actual FG stuff, I do like sticking some of my own crap up on here. Please bear with me for the non-FG and the infrequent updates... if anyone even reads this anymore. ;)


Nezumi: Yo yo. This is really my own vanity site now, methinks. Which is nice. I really just update every few months. Even though I really want to finish this darned story. Anyways, tomorrow's comic is about how I felt at E3. Yes, I managed to get myself to that E3. And it was fantasticlicious. I only got to go for a day and a half - and didn't get to see everything I wanted to see, but I had a blast. And I want to go again next year, even if I actually have to pay my own way.

Nezumi: Hey all! Apparently, I am level suck. I have not been very diligent with FG lately. But my God, I didn't even make a costume for SakuraCon this year, so it's not like Fool's Gold is the only thing I've neglected lately. So, Sakuracon was a blast (as always) - I have no pictures, because I didn't bring a camera, but I'm not a very good photographer anyways. But I got to meet Tycho and Gabe from Penny Arcade again and I got to buy a hardcover copy of their PA: Year One books and I got it signed. I'm sorry for all of the people who couldn't get one, but I was too poor to buy extras. Also, their business manager/marketing/everything-but-the-comic-itself guy (who is awesome!) recognized me from last year (or from PAX) and I was very surprised... I'm not that much of a stalker am I? Um, yes, anyways, sorry for being so late with the story. I uploaded two comics today (one for this week, one for next). The End.

Nezumi: Hey all! Okay, so it looks like I'll do my best to update every week, but don't be surprised if I only hit every other week. But I will make sure (or do my very, very best, barring a horrible disfiguring accident or death) to get a comic up every other week. As usual, on Sunday. I hope that that is a satisfying schedule all around. That seems pretty doable for me. :)

Nezumi: Hey all! Sorry I missed last week. Things have been kind of hectic at work. But fun. I'm enjoying my job. I hope that FG has been coherent lately. I'm trying to wrap up this story, but it seems to keep going and going and going. I'd like to eventually move them out of this stupid castle and get them on further adventures... or get them into more trouble. Although, I think Amadeus managed to get himself into quite a bit of trouble today. Thanks!

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